An Atari 2600 emulator for the PocketPC!
By Stuart Russell (c)2002

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Graphics & 3D Modeling by Edgar Ibarra

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  All rom types are supported. More than 99% of available roms are functional.
Complete installation including the profile file for all known roms. Compatible with file - Use your existing one!
Compressed (.zip) rom support, as well as .bin and .a26 roms.
Freely settable controls are 2 joysticks, 4 paddles, 2 keypads, 1 driving controller, and all console functions.
Save/ Load and Pause features. (Load may not work with all roms depending internal bios)
Custom profile support allows the user to save ALL Emulator settings individually for EVERY rom. This includes controls, speed, settings, etc.
Onscreen controls for Select, Reset, Pause, and controllers (selectable), as well as every control assignable to keys.
Independent sound volume control (not using PDA fixed volume)
Complete graphical menu system with friendly interface and quick help on initial run.
Advanced display interface with controls for adjusting the video quality of each game, independent of skip frame settings.
Landscape (Left, Right) and portrait modes supported.. Auto rotate of joystick controls for landscape modes.
Easy to use installer program - no more manual copying to your device.

As my first public project for PocketPC, I decided to work on an Atari 2600 emulator for my Casio Cassiopeia E-125 PDA. Considering that the games are usually under 16k in size, hundreds can be stored directly in the PDAs internal RAM! Currently the emulator runs several hundred games at playable rates. This emulator is now based on Stella ( This emulator was started in March 2001.

v1.0   Updated to address some resource issues - installer link is to newest build.
August 10/02 - Completely new core, and interface. Older versions will no longer be supported.
v0.55 April 13/01 - Joystick 2 added! Raiders of the Lost Ark is now playable. Sound Volume read from PDA prior to launch instead of being preset to 50%. Landscape paddle glitch fixed.
v0.53 Released on Thursday, April 12, 2001. Paddle support fixed, several minor programming glitches fixed (Joust now works- except the title). Touchscreen "fire" joystick button added.
v0.52 Released on Saturday, March 31, 2001. Adds Pause mode, Support for .RAW, .C26, .PAL, .VCS, .PRG files.
v0.5 Second Public Release; major programming overhauls to gain speed. Sound added, and optimized.
v0.4 Never released, this version added improved speed performance, and compatibility
v0.3 Never released, this version added full sound support.
v0.2 First public version, no sound, slower, but had support for several hundred games, joystick, paddle, interlacing, and Landscape mode.

MIPS Version for E-125, E-115 & EM500: 

Version 0.55a Binary (46K)
ARM Version for Compaq iPaq: 

Version 0.55a Binary (45K) 
SH3 Version for HP Jornada 540: 

Version 0.55a Binary (50K)
Original Public Release:

MIPS Version 0.2 Binary (92.5K)
Version 0.52 C++ Source  
1.  These zips contain .exe files compiled for PDAs. They must be manually copied to your device. 

2. Roms must be located under "\My Documents", or one of its subdirectories. If you are placing roms on a CF card, create a directory of this name first. 

3. You must have a copy of the GAPI library file "gx.dll" in your PDA's /windows directory. There are various versions of this file, depending on the device. These files can be found at: 

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NES Lover? 

I've created an updated NesCE with better speed, interface, controls and saved states:

 NesCE Upgrade- ARM

NesCE Upgrade- MIPS

NesCE Upgrade- SH3



- Project dropped due to poor speed of emulation on the PocketPC platform


Pocket Odyssey2



-in Beta test phase!


-In Beta test phase

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